Saturday, October 22, 2005

Preparing for NaNoWriMo

There are plenty of things to consider when preparing for the grueling flow of creativity during the month of November. Here are a few of my tips and suggestions. Use them at will.

1. What to write?

If you're like me, you have a bunch of voices and ideas swirling through your mind at any given moment. Various scenes plague me throughout the day. I always keep a pen and pad nearby to jot everything down. The characters demand attention and since I need them as much as they need me, I have to take note. With all this activity happening inside my brain, how do I choose which story to focus on? Do I use the coin toss--heads is "XXX" or tails is "ABC"? Or should I put the titles in a bag, shake and reach in? What to do?

2. I know what I'm writing, what's next?

I write by the seat of my pants until about the 3rd or 4th chapter. By then, the characters are leading me where they want to go and I'm clear enough on how they'll probably get there. When I'm writing on a "normal" timetable, that's fine. We (the characters and me) have the time we need. But in November, we have to speed things along. There's no time for dilly dallying around. NaNoWriMo means there's no time for nonsense! So what can a pantser like me do??? (Without freaking out at the thought of [YIKES!!!!] plotting ahead?!?!?!) I'll tell you what works for me. I do a goal, motivation, chart. I get to know the characters and do a basic outline of the outline that I'm pretty sure won't be followed to the letter because I'm a pantser and pantsers can't be bogged down with strict rules on her creativity!

3. It's October 29th and I'm ready to write!

GET THOSE FINGERS AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD! No cheating is allowed! The actual writing doesn't start until November 1st and if you're really eager, make that midnight, November 1st. So no matter how loudly the voices are talking and how ripe and ready you are to dig into the story--DON'T! There's the entire month of November for that. ;-)

Happy writing and good luck!


Blogger Dyanne said...

Sometimes I cna't beleive I've entered into this computer age with gusto. My husband (Bill) reminded me today of the time when I had to ask him how to send an email. My how times have changed. Now I'm ready to blog. Wow!!!!


10/22/2005 1:14 PM  
Blogger Gwyneth Bolton said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm going to try and do it this November! We'll see . . . Like you I'm a pantser so we'll see how far I get by the seat of my pants in a month.

10/24/2005 11:06 PM  

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