Thursday, January 19, 2006

Naked in Front of the Crowd

No, I'm not stepping out nude before large groups of people. Heaven forbid! LOL

No, the title is a short line from Anna Nalick's song, "Breathe." The song tells three small stories. One is about a friend who's made a mistake with some guy she met. Another is about a young man who's an alcoholic. The third is about the songwriter who realizes that as she's writing the song the words are her private thoughts and emotions and that the audience will take from them what they will. Even before I began writing, I understood that songwriters got their inspiration from somewhere deeply personal. Maybe that's why my favorite songs have always been the ones that told a story.

With the release of my debut novel, "Love Lasts Forever," Anna's lyric has taken a stronger meaning for me. While flipping through my novel, I was struck with a flashback of moments that brought the story to life. I remembered the people in my life, the songs that I listened to, and the hours of research. A read a sentence and distinctly remembered stopping in the middle of it to do a quick search on the Internet to double check something. I sat there stunned. Of course, no one reading the book will know this, but I do. Then, other things started coming at me from all sides. This book of my heart is a part of me. Now, I'm sharing it with the world. It makes me feel kind of naked. That realization made me wonder if other authors feel this, too. Like they're releasing a part of themselves? Regardless the answer, I know that from now on I'll read their words a little differently and offer them a silent "thanks" for their g


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