Monday, October 15, 2007

Say What?!

After my signing yesterday, I decided to take my sister, niece, and a friend to see "Why Did I Get Married?!". I won't name the theater except to say that it was close to where I signed. I wanted to see it opening weekend because I think it's important for Hollywood to know that people will go to see good (black) films that aren't about gangsters or aliens or cops. It was packed, which was nice.

However, before the movie started, an employee came in and did the spiel about cell phones, cameras, talking and babies. Is this a new thing? I don't recall getting the speech before Transformers. At first, I thought it was good, a nice reinforcement of the reel that plays later. Then I realized what movie I was seeing and what the majority makeup of the audience was, and I got steamed.

I mean, if I go to see "Elizabeth: the Golden Age", or "We Own the Night" or "Michael Clayton" at this particular theater, will a theater employee come in and give the same speech? Somehow I doubt it.

It felt a little like the salesclerk in the movie telling these four professional women in fur coats that cash isn't kept in the store.

And yes, I will be writing a letter to the theater company. I'm past the point of just "taking it" when I'm spending my money. Because silence may be golden, but black people know the power of green, and I won't be going to that theater again.



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