Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Snow Job

In what has to be one of the biggest WTF moments in history, the AJC reported that Coca Cola and Stone Mountain Park were going ahead with their plans to create a Winter Wonderland, complete with SNOW, in the park, located in Stone Mountain, GA. They started making snow yesterday in order to have a good two feet of the white stuff on the ground by November 10th.

We had a high of EIGHTY DEGREES yesterday, and they were making SNOW. By using a contraption that uses 38 gallons of water a minute for 12 to 18 hours a day making snow fater than Mother Nature can melt it, in order to make a 400-foot long ice slide. While there are lakes in the park that are used to water the golf courses, the park decided to use municipal water (i.e., DeKalb County) in order to make really white snow.

In case you didn't know, north Georgia is suffering one of the worst droughts on record. Yesterday, our Governor, Sonny Perdue, issued a proclamation asking Georgians to take shorter showers to help preserve the water supply. There is no outside watering, no car washing. Yet Stone Mountain was using the same water the governor was asking people to conserve.

The public relations manager of the park seemed a bit flippant at worse, or Pollyanna at best. "We've already sold tickets, and we can't just stop," she said. "That would be like a water park just deciding to turn off the faucets."

You mean, like Six Flags voluntarily shutting down Splash Waterfalls and Thunder River last week because of the statewide watering ban?

This was truly ironic in light of the fact that Coke made a big Corporate Pledge earlier this year to be more responsible with water.

In June, Coca-Cola announced a $20 million commitment to the World Wildlife Fund "to help conserve seven of the world's most important freshwater river basins, support more efficient water management in its operations and global supply chain, and reduce the company's carbon footprint."

Like I said, W. T. F.

Apparently all the emails from consumers to Coke, Stone Mountain Park, and the Governor's office made a dent, because the Park announced that they were ceasing operations.

Now excuse me, I need to go wash my undies.


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