Saturday, August 26, 2006

Survivor Series

I have been reading a lot of posts about the new survivor series. First I was never a fan of the show. I have never liked having people pitted against each other and stabbing each other in the back to win something. The idea then of someone being voted off of something... Well... Lets just say it doesn't appeal to me. Hang-ups from childhood and being one of the last picked for teams...I don't know. I just know that I don't like it.
Now it seems as if I took a nap and the world has started a backwards movement. In case you haven't heard the new show will feature groups based on racial lines. Their reasoning, they received complaints about not having enough of a cultural difference.
I have no idea what they plan to achieve with this divisive tactic other than create discord. But my real objections concern the participants. Doesn't any of them know what this is going to do? Do they care? Is the thought of being on television and the chance to possibly win a million dollars worth so much that nothing else matters?
The thought that are in my mind about the outcome of a show like this is so horrendous that I can only see polarization. Have we as a people sunk so low that it only matters what we do in our lives if it will advance us or get us some sort of publicity.? Do we not and I mean every single human being, do we not have a responsibility to this planet to try and at least keep it here for our children? MY God!!! What are they thinking? We're worried about a terrorist missile, I hate to see the fallout from this show. If I were a terrorist group I would just wait around while we destroy ourselves.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Unrequited Love Mix Tape, Volume I

The Unrequited Love Mix Tape, Volume I

Okay, we have all heard them throughout the years, those songs that wax lyrically about the one that you love who doesn’t have the good sense God gave him to love you back. As much as I love me some romance, even I know that the road to love isn’t always paved with gold. So I started thinking about what songs I would put on a mix tape to help tender hearts deal with the perils of unrequited love. Here it is, a mix tape from me to you that is a mix of old school and new.

1. “Just My Imagination,” a classic from the tasty Temptations. Because we all know that when you’re knee deep in unrequited love you can’t stop imagining what it would be like if…
2. “Ex-Factor,” new school for sure but also a classic from Lauryn Hill. This song is a classic because there is nothing worse that unrequited love when you are in a relationship. All give, no get, not cool…
3. “If Only You Knew,” a classic from Patti LaBelle. “I must have rehearsed my lines a thousand times…” Because we all know that you have all the things you would say to that special someone if you ever got up the nerve to approach them…
4. “In My Mind,” new school from Heather Headley. Now the sister is just a little close to the crazy edge here and in serious fantasyland. Because the brother has moved on to another. But we all know that sometimes it’s hard to tell the heart that it is really over and you can still have love for someone even if it is over…
5. “Love Song,” new school from Jean Grae. This song is all about a young girl trying to come to grips with the disappointments of love and relationships but still remaining in the game. With lines like “Sees things through her pink-tinted glasses,” and “send Prince Charming please,” I had to include it on my mix tape.
6. “If You Still Love Her,” another classic from Miki Howard. Because we all know that if his heart is with another, he can’t love you the way you need to loved…
7. ‘So Gone,” is a new school joint from Monica. She may be caught up in the love thang, but sista girl is too through and ready to go! Unrequited love is for the birds and Monica is about to bring wreck!
8. “This Love,” is new school from Maroon 5. I had to throw a little blue-eyed soul in there. Really the entire Songs about Jane album is an ode to unrequited love if I ever heard one.
9. “I Wish I Wasn’t,” another one from Heather Headley make this a double play on the mix tape. Sista girl knows he doesn’t love her the way that he should so she’s wishing her own love away…
10. “Get It Together,” is a new school joint by 702. With lyrics like, “I don’t really wanna go. I don’t really wanna stay,” this song shows what too much time in “Unrequited Love Ville” will do to ya! It’ll make you so confused you won’t know if you’re coming or going…
11. "Silly," old school from Denise Williams. "Silly of me to think that I could ever have you for my guy. How I love you..." That classic song has to cap off the mix tape.

And that’s it for my mix tape devoted to all the lovers who have yet to find their perfect someone, the one who will love them back. Pop it in. Press play. But don’t give up hope. Love is just a touch away!

And if you think I’ve missed an important track, let me know. There’s always Volume II.

Much love and peace,