Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Thank-you's for Military

One of my local radio stations, Q-100, is trying to gather more than 375,000 thank-you letters to be delivered to overseas military personnel during Thanksgiving. In an effort to hit the target (no pun intended) the mission has been expanded beyond Atlanta. Here's the details:

Each letter should be heartfelt, handwritten, original, and free of any political statements. The purpose of the letter is to express thanks to the military personnel serving the United States. We reserve the right to eliminate those messages that are political in nature and that do not reflect a positive message in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Those letters will be destroyed.

All letters must be on 8.5 X 11 paper or smaller. Do not use glue, tape, staples, cardboard, glitter or otherwise attach anything to the paper. Decorate using crayons, pencil, etc. Use both side if you like, but use one page per letter only. Do not send cards or photographs. Feel free to include your mailing and email address, if you like and you may get a response. Individual letters should not be sealed in envelopes.

Do not send anything except letters. We cannot accept donations of any kind, and they should not be included or attached to letters..

You can mail your letters (individually or in bundles of 50) to:

The Bert Show's Big Thank You
3070 Windward Plaza, Suite F 350
Alpharetta, GA 30005

If you're in Atlanta, you can drop off letters to any Taco Mac location.

Again for more information, check out Q-100's website here:



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